GEO TV to launch another super hit drama that will challenge social norms

Drama Shayad is centered on an aspiring love story starring Uzair Jaswal and Sadia Khan. The solid chemistry between the two characters played by this gorgeous pair seems to have stirred up a lot of thrill in the audience as seen by the hype created ever since the teaser got released.

The story revolves around the main character, Saad,  being head over heels in love with his cousin Umm-e-Hani who is apparently older then Saad.

Just like any other girl older than her lover, Umme-Hani naturally finds him as immature and irrational. The entry of an eligible bachelor makes things worse for Saad and to top it all Umm-e-Hani’s new love mistreats her which gives Saad more pain and agony as he wants the best for the love of his life.

The story is related for a huge chunk of the audience especially youth as they strive to convince the society that their love is pure and they can sustain relationships in a healthy manner despite being labeled as silly and childish.

The makers of Dillagi and “Khuda aur mohabbat hai” will most definitely clinch a lot of applause from the audience because the story seems well-grounded and might leave a strong message for all the young individuals out there struggling to hold on to their loved ones against all odds.

Will Umm-e-Hani continue to treat Saad as a kid forever or will she be convinced that his love for her is stronger than any man older than her has to offer?

Will Saad be able to convince her he can keep her happy despite being younger than her?

The viewers will definitely be beyond excited to find out if the practicalities of life and boundaries like age difference really matter or should love be allowed to overshadow all else.
We can’t wait to find out !!