The First ever Tesla S 75D has just arrived in Pakistan

Electric cars are getting more and more popular around the world as many car manufacturers are developing alternative fuel vehicles. Being a car-loving nation, people in Pakistan are well aware of these vehicles and there is a significant demand for them.

Just a couple of days ago a white Tesla S 75D (2017) just landed in Pakistan marking it the country’s first ever Tesla car. For those who are unaware, Tesla’s new cars use only electricity as a fuel.

The U.S. automaker Tesla has shipped three different models of these cars ranging from Model S, X and 3. The Model 3 is a unique model because it only features a steering wheel and a touch panel inside the car.

The model which has been imported to Pakistan has a starting price of $74,500 (approximately PKR 7,848,575). According to Pakistan Customs Tariff for 2016 – 2017, the car will have a 50 percent customs duty on it since it runs on electricity and the tariff is different for electric cars.

The Tesla cars may a be luxury car but it is still a very good choice since it has very little maintenance cost because the cars don’t feature an engine.