Creator of ‘ Walk to Beat’ Parkinson’s Disease stick sets eyes on new projects

Neha Shahid Chaudhry, the creator of Smart Walking companion stick for Parkinsons patients is all set to develop a stream of new products for the elderly who suffer from conditions that affect their daily lives.

Neha is Pakistani student in the UK who got international recognition last week for coming up with a solution for the elderly having Parkinson’s disease in the form of a walking stick.

Neha developed the desire to develop the stick after continuously seeing her late grandfather suffer from it. She studied the disease up close and worked with several physiotherapists, neurologists, and patients until she finally came up with the solution.

The research helped her develop 13 potential candidate products that could help Parkinson’s patients. This was the time when she was still in college in the United Kingdom. The smart walking stick became a reality when one of her tutors saw the potential in it and asked her to apply in a design competition.

She won the UNLTD Do-It award which helped her secure the initial funds for the product. She also got a space to work at the Robotics Laboratory Incubator. When she won her second award in 2015, she won an approximate of $20,000 in money. This money eventually helped her develop the project further and helped her secure additional investment.

The smart walking stick has successfully helped many Parkinson’s patients in walking especially when their joints freeze due to the disease while walking.

Future of Walk to Beat

Neha’s company Walk to Beat is set to launch the special walking stick for Parkinson patients in the UK by the end of 2017. But she will not stop there. The company is now set to target three different markets; the patients, clinicians, and caretakers.

In the future, Neha is aiming to design several new products that will help the elderly suffering from similar conditions.