This couple and their two kids on a motorbike trip are setting major travel goals in Pakistan

Irfan Younas and his wife and kids are setting new travel goals for Pakistani families by traveling the northern areas together on a motorcycle.

Irfan Younas is a professional photographer who lives in Lahore and runs his small business of wedding photography. Being an avid fan of traveling, he decided to travel the northern areas of Pakistan with his family and document his journey.

But what’s so special about his journey is that he travels with his wife including his two kids, a son, and daughter on a single motorcycle. This is an extremely brave decision for a husband and father given that fact that traveling the northern areas on a motorcycle isn’t an easy feat, especially with four people on a single motorbike.

The couple believes in living their life to the fullest and despite all the dangers and difficulties they faced on the journey, they still managed to enjoy their trip a lot.

The couple and their children recently completed their second journey visiting places like Deosai plains and national park, Ali Malik Top, Naran Khagan Valley and other parts of the northern areas of Pakistan.

They started their journey on September 22nd and ended it on 2nd October.

The four never gave up on an opportunity to seize and capture the memories they created on their way. They have definitely set new travel goals for all Pakistani families.

Be sure to follow their adventures through their official Facebook page.