Can you believe these cones in Lahore are just RS. 100?

With the likes of international big ice cream chains like Monolo Gelato and Baskin Robbins now serving in Pakistan, there is enough evidence that Pakistanis love good ice cream.

But these international chain’s Ice Creams are a bit on the expensive side and are mostly a weekend delicacy after a good night’s dinner.

If you love Ice cream in a waffle to an extent that you’d eat one every day but your pocket is holding you back, one guy in Lahore has the ultimate solution.

Alamgir’s cone shop is a small ice cream stall which is selling cones that rival some of the best ones out there, even the ones sold by international chains.

Alamgir tops every waffle cone he serves with lucrative amounts of chocolate, biscuits, and nuts, the results are complete happiness in just RS. 100!

The ice cream shop also serves simple cones for as low as RS. 40. You will also find cold coffee with ice cream for RS. 100 as well as various slushes at very low prices.

Location of Alamgir’s Waffle Cones Lahore

Alamgir’s Waffle Cone shop is located in 16 /E, Near Shezan Bakers, Main Market. Gulberg II. The cone shop has become quite well in the city space and you should have no problem finding it in the main market of Gulberg II.

The cone shop has it’s Facebook page too! So be sure to follow it.