Zaid Ali and His Wife made a video together and did a fun Q/A for fans

Pakistani-Canadian YouTube and social media celebrity comedian recently got married to his wife Yumna. After keeping her a secret from the world, Zaid Ali finally revealed who was his wife in a series of pictures and short videos.

Last night the social media comedian finally formerly introduced his wife to the world in a video where the two answered some much-awaited questions from their fans.

The video started with Zaid introducing his wife and telling his fans that his fan that he and his wife were finally ready to answer fan questions. Before they started answering questions, Zaid announced that his wife took 3 long hours to get ready for the shoot.

Here are the questions and their answers.

Are Zaid Ali and Yumna cousins?

Zaid Ali and Yumna are not cousins

How did the two meet?

The two met while making a video together. Zaid Ali, in fact, did a video with Yumna a while back. A friend of Yumna had introduced her to Zaid.

What does the couple want first, a baby boy or a girl?

For this question, both had conflicting answers where Zaid said he would like a boy and Yumna said she would like a girl.

Who is the messiest amongst the two?

Yumna told the fans that Zaid Ali was pretty messy. He doesn’t do the laundry and throws around his clothes and socks everywhere.

Throughout the video, the couple revealed a lot more things like who was Yumna’s favorite Bollywood actor and one thing both love and hate about each other.

For the full Q and A session, make sure you check out their video and follow Zaid Ali on his YouTube channel.