Pepsi Battle of the Bands ended with a huge surprise

With Pepsi Battle of the Bands finished and ‘Kashmir’ emerging victorious in the end, it was a journey every 90s kid loved.

The grand finale of the show was much bigger than any of the previous episodes it produced. It left a special impact on those who enjoyed rock music when it was the strongest in Pakistan.

Bands like Aaroh, ep, Meekal Hassan, Call, Silversmoke, Irtaash and many to name a few ruled Pakistan’s music industry with their powerful rock anthems.

For the last 8-9 years, we’ve been missing on this music and Pepsi finally brought it back to us.

What made Pepsi Battle of the Bands grand finale so special was the surprise comeback of none other than eP. The boys of the band reunited and performed the fan favorite ‘Hamesha’. What’s even more special is that all the original members save two were present on the stage.

The performance was extremely power-packed and fresh, proving the fact that eP still got that very same fire in them that they had when they were still actively performing in Pakistan.

Kashmir Won Pepsi Battle of the Bands

The season 2 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands ended with Kashmir emerging victorious. The final two bands, Kashmir and Badnaam were left under the hands of the public to decide the winner.

Voting took place last week and the results were announced last night.

Kashmir won the hearts of its fans with its diverse sound. The band was able to pull off covers of some of the best songs in Pakistan and turned them their own.

Some of their most memorable performances included Kaghaz Ka Jahaz and Mera Pyar (cover).

Best performances from Pepsi Battle of the Bands

The show has ended on a high note but left us with many memorable performances. Here are some of our favorite performances from the full season.

Meesha Shafi – Speaker Phaar

Call | Jilawatan

Kashmir | Kaaghaz Ka Jahaz

Asrar | Lajpaal Ali

Kashmir | Mendah Ishq Vi Toon

Badnaam | Bismillah Karan

Jasim Haider and the Pindi Boys

Aaroh | Raag Neela

Badnaam | Kala Jora Pa

Darvesh | Allah Hi Dega

Kashmir | Mera Pyar

Madlock | Kahan Hai Tu

Jasim Haider & The Pindi Boys

Thank you, Pepsi Pakistan for bringing back rock music in the country. We are all now waiting for the season 3 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.