Pakistan Girl, first Pakistani female superhero comic book released

The creators of Pakistan Man, a superhero comic by HS Comics have just added a new superhero to their comics, Pakistan girl.

Pakistan Girl is Pakistan’s first ever female superhero comic book featuring art by Hassan Siddiqui and Hyder Ali.

The comic book tells the story of a typical young Pakistani girl ‘Sarah’ who loves her pet cat, reads books and goes out with friends to spend time. But she has a secret identity that makes her special.

Sarah discovers her secret powers after a confusing period in her life and immediately puts them to use for a good in a country where there is corruption deeply embedded.

Her goal is to provide people with hope and defend them against the evils that are deeply rooted in our society. Moreover, she is a beacon of inspiration for young Pakistani girls and boys to stand for what’s right.


Pakistan Girl Availability

Pakistan Girl comic book has been released today and is available from many different cafes and bookstores in Islamabad for just RS. 199.

You can follow the creators of Pakistan Man and Pakistan girl on their official Facebook page.