A new report suggests Pakistan tourism is rapidly growing

For the past many years Pakistan has somewhat been known around the world for being a place filled with danger and security risks. The frequent news of terrorist acts in the country significantly damaged the tourism industry of Pakistan.

But as years went by and PAK army started its operations in the country, things are changing for the good and security is getting better. A new report by Pakistan Tourism Development Corp has confirmed that annual tourist arrivals in Pakistan have more than tripled since 2013.

The Higher Commission of Pakistan has also played a role in this by advertising Pakistan as a tourist destination over the world. This is apparent from the Emerging Pakistan campaign on London buses this year which promoted Pakistan’s beauty.

The report reveals 1.75 million tourist arrivals were recorded with the domestic travelers also seen on the rise. According to the report, domestic traveling has also risen up by 30% to 38.3 million annually.

With tourism on the rise in Pakistan, The World Travel and Tourism Council has revealed that total contribution of tourism in Pakistan’s economy is now at $19.4 billion.

Hotel bookings on the rise

The hotel booking company Jovago has revealed that there is an increase of 80% hotel bookings last year following the increase in annual visits. With this, the government of Pakistan is also currently considering to increase the number of countries that get Visa-on-arrival service to facilitate more tourists from around the world.

Currently, only 16 countries from the world can avail the visa on arrival services from Pakistan which makes it hard for others to get the visa.