A new international Pizza chain is coming to Pakistan

The US based Pie Five Pizza Co has just announced its plans to expand to Pakistan. The pizza restaurant is known for its unique thin crust pizzas and salads.

The company which has over 90 locations in the United States spread across 24 states. It was opened in 2011 and quickly became popular amongst people.

The restaurant became so much of a favorite that it was also listed under the Top 50 Restaurant Brand of the Year in 2013. Following their success, the restaurant has earned a lot of praise from critics and people alike.

Now Pie Five Pizza is ready to expand internationally and they have chosen Pakistan as the first country to expand internationally.

First Pakistani location to open in 2018

The company has entered into a partnership with Ali Shahid Butt, president of AR group of restaurants. Under this partnership, the company will first open its location in 2018 in Pakistan and then will expand to as many as 40 locations over the coming year.

Ali Shahid Butt strongly believes that the restaurant chain will be well accepted by Pakistanis.

The restaurant allows customers to create their own pizza by selecting the crust, toppings, sauce and extra things to add to the pizza.

Pie Pizza Co makes every pizza in under 5 minutes

What really sets Pie Pizza Co apart from the other pizza companies is the speed at which they prepare the pizza. Apparently, every Pie Pizza Co’s pizza is made in under 5 minutes.

Pie Pizza Co also provides a bunch of different salads, appetizers like breadstick and desserts.