Momina Mustehsan is this year’s first Pakistani to reach BBC 100 Women 2017 list

The BBC has just revealed its list of 100 most inspirational and innovative women for 2017 and Momina Mustehsan is one of them.

This year, the women featured on the list will also be part of the 100 women challenge that is set for these women to tackle some of the biggest problems women are facing today around the world.

The women, including Momina Mustehsan, will share their experiences and create innovative ways to tackle the four primary challenges women face today.

  • The glass ceiling – #Teamlead
  • Female illiteracy – #Teamread
  • Street harassment – #Teamgo
  • Sexism in sport – #Teamplay

According to BBC, some of the women on the 100 women list will work together as a team in different cities throughout the 4 weeks of October. During the entire month, they must come up with an innovative way to help people who are being affected by these problems.

Other women on the list will provide inspiration and support from wherever they are based from.

Will Momina take the 100 women challenge?

Apart from her musical career, Momina Mustehsan is known for her philanthropic work in Pakistan. She is currently the goodwill ambassador of Islamabad United and is currently planning a distant education program for children in rural Pakistan. She will also be working on a polio campaign in Pakistan.

It is still unclear whether Momina Mustehsan will be a part of a team or will just show support and inspire.

If she does become a part of the team, she will be required to go to one of the four cities listed in the 100 women challenge and work with the team on the ground. The challenges and locations are as follows:

  • The Glass ceiling – San Francisco
  • Female Illiteracy – Delhi
  • Street Harassment – London
  • Sexism in sport – Rio

BBC is yet to reveal the 40 remaining women on the list. According to the media company, the remaining women on the list will be revealed in the coming week.

Apart from Momina Mustehsan, other notable names include Resham Khan, Adelle Onyango, Anita Nderu, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Huynh Thi Xam, Lea Coligado, Maggie MacDonnell, Sakena Yacoobi and more.

Do you think any other Pakistani woman will make it to the list?