Here’s every important change you need to know about iOS 11

iOS 11 was first introduced to the world at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. According to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the update will take the best features from the previous version and update it to 11.

The operating system was publicly released yesterday. Anyone having an iPhone 5S and above can obtain the update from their settings menu.

iOS brings with it many changes. There are subtle design changes as well as new interface elements, bolder text, new look to old system applications and completely redesigned Lock Screen and Control Center.

Here are all the important changes you need to know about iOS 11 as an iPhone user in Pakistan.

Changes in Design

iOS has very subtle design changes nearly everywhere on the phone. If you notice closely, many system apps now have bolder fonts and darker lines, except the lock screen and control center which has been overhauled.

Major design changes have been made to the control center and lock screens which are listed below.

Control center changes

The control center does not display multiple windows anymore. It is now one consolidated window that has a completely new look with bubble-like icons.

The top section has basic networking switches and Apple Music controls. A slider for volume and brightness have also been added. New smaller icons for Do Not Disturb mode, rotation lock and many others have been added.

The control center also takes away the entire screen space inside of just appearing in the bottom half of the screen. The best change is that you can now customize these controls based on individual needs from the control center settings menu.

The new control center has also expanded 3D Touch access. A 3D touch on an icon will now bring up additional options for the icon.

Lock Screen Changes

In iOS 11, the Lock Screen and Notification center have been combined. Now when you pull down from the top of the phone, you’ll be able to access the lock screen and notifications on a single screen. Simply swipe up at the middle of the screen to see missed notifications.

Changes to iCloud Drive App

The iCloud Drive app does not exist anymore on iOS 11. Instead, now it is called The Files App. For those familiar with MAC, it is similar to finder app.

The Files App stores all the content that is locally present on your iPhone, iPad or iCloud. All other content that is stored on third-party cloud apps like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google are also present in this app.

Files app lets you quickly access all the stored content on your iOS device. There is a convenient search option which can help you find files quickly.

App changes and updates in iOS 11

iOS 11 brings with it new features and changes to system apps. Nearly all the system applications that are mostly used on the phone have received some sort of an update or a change. Let’s have a look at the changes below.

Messages app changes

Following iOS 10’s iMessage App Store, there is a new app drawer located just below the section where you add your text. This makes it easier for the user to access stickers and apps for their messages.

All of your installed stickers and apps are now also located in the App Drawer and can simply be selected with a single tap.

The messages app also now includes two brand new screen effects called the ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Echo’. Echo will let you send the same message multiple times filling up the screen. The spotlight effect lets you put a visual spotlight on an important message in the conversation.

The messages app has also received a new Apple Pay feature which isn’t very useful in Pakistan, yet. It allows you to send money through messages using your fingerprint as authentication.

Maps changes

Thanks to purchasing of several indoor mapping companies by Apple, iOS 11 is bringing a whole new technology to Maps app.

The Maps app now supports indoor maps of many malls, airports, restaurants, bathrooms, notable indoor places and more. The technology is still limited to a few locations with plans of adding more as time passes.

Camera app changes

The camera app has now a better Live Photos feature. You can now use a slider to select the portion of a live photo that is the best. This feature will now allow you to capture a photograph from Live Photo that looks best and isn’t blurry due to moving.

There is now also an option to crop Live Photos and keep only the desired portion of the motion recording. Then you can also add the bounce, loop and exposure options to your Live Photo.

Image quality has also been improved on iPhones that still support the portrait mode. Low light performance is improved and the images now support optical image stabilization.

iOS 11 is also changing the way the photos are stored on your phone making them take less storage space than ever before.

Changes to Photos App

The photo app now has facial recognition. This allows you to tell the photo’s app who each of the person is and it will recognize all their photos and simultaneously update them on all your devices.

New memories have also been added which now include memories of pets, children growing up, activities and more.

iOS 11 is also bringing a host of new filters for your photos. You can now change the way your photos look with these brand new filters.

Other notable features of iOS 11

Here are some other notable features of the new operating system that are both cool and very useful such as the do not disturb while driving and the ‘one hand optimized’ keyboard.

Do not disturb while driving feature

The iconic do not disturb feature has been upgraded with a new option ‘do not disturb while driving’. It basically mutes every notification when the phone is connected to a car’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth system.

The people trying to reach you when you are driving will automatically receive a message saying that you are busy driving a car. The users can decide to send you an emergency text which will make its way to the notifications screen with a sound.

One-handed Keyboard

A new icon has been added where the emoji icon usually is. Long pressing this icon will now allow you to switch a keyboard that is optimized for one hand typing.

All of the keys on the keyboard will move towards the hand you are using the phone with making it easier for you to type with your thumb.

App store redesign

The app store has a brand new design that now has games and apps split into their own sections. There is also a ‘Today’ section that pulls out new content on the store every day.

Lesser known changes

Apart from major changes to the entire operating system, there are also minor hidden changes that have not been mentioned anywhere. Here are some of those changes.

  • automatic deletion of apps that have not been used in a while
  • revamped storage management features a view of storage space available on your device along with recommendations on improving your storage space.
  • New accounts and passwords section in the settings allow you to see all stored passwords after you have authenticated with Touch ID.
  • Additional privacy settings are now available for Safari
  • The camera app can now automatically read QR codes
  • Password Autofill is now available on third-party apps
  • Video volume slider no longer obstructs your view, instead, it displays at the top right of the screen.

iOS 11 is now available for download starting from iPhone 5S. grab it today by visiting your settings menu.