A Guy from Islamabad turned a normal 70cc bike to 70cc Cafe Racer Bratstyle bike

In Pakistan, you may have come across many modified cars on the road. The passion to modify a vehicle to the way you love it has been deeply embedded in the Pakistani youth from a very long time.

But in a country where cars are mostly modified, a youth from Islamabad with a passion for bikes and biking has just turned his Ravi premium R1 70cc bike to a 70cc brat style bike.

Hamza Riaz took his Ravi 70cc motorbike, ordered a couple of parts on the internet and completely changed the outlook and performance of the bike to a brat style motorcycle.

How Hamza did it

Hamza Riaz did everything himself during the month of Ramazan while fasting. He wanted his bike to be an inspiration to others. He mostly used his pocket money to buy the parts from the internet.

Hamza remembers how he saved the money for his eid clothes and used them to buy the parts instead because that made him a lot happier than a pair of new clothes.

Because new clothes can make one happy but riding this bike gives me the greatest ever pleasure. – Hamza

More about Brat Style Motorcycles

A Brat Style bike is just like a Cafe Racer or Scrambler. The bike is mostly stripped down to the very bare essentials to increase the speed at the cost of comfort. But the brat style uses different styling methods.

The biggest difference between a Cafe Racer and a Brat style motorcycle is that it has a higher steer and most often a flat seat.