Google signs major deal with HTC to make better smartphones

In a bid to compete against Apple’s iPhone, Google is now expanding its hardware manufacturing capabilities. While millions of people downloaded iOS 11 and upgraded their iPhone’s just a couple of days ago, Google was busy signing a deal that might put it in a good position.

Google’s new $1.1 billion deal with Taiwan’s smartphone manufacturer HTC will see some of the top research and development minds joining Google.

That means we’ll be seeing better Google Pixel Smartphones in the future.

HTC was once a major player in smartphones until it was dethroned by Samsung and Apple who are now easily ruling the smartphone scene in the entire world.

This deal could help both companies by utilizing Google’s software-end with HTC’s premium hardware development capabilities.

HTC will develop hardware from within Google

Under this deal, Google will acquire a team of experts from HTC which will help them develop new Pixel Smartphones for the company and they will receive a non-exclusive license from HTC.

The 2,000 development and research experts from HTC are nearly half of their team. This is part of an already flourishing partnership between the two companies.

Google is hoping for the deal to close by as early as the first quarter of 2018.

Last year HTC helped Google manufacture its first in-house hardware, the Pixel, and Pixel XL.

Google is now set to release the upgraded versions of these smartphones next month.