Is eP set to perform at the final of Pepsi Battle of the Bands?

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is finally reaching the end with the grand finale releasing tomorrow. With Badnaam and Kashmir left to fight for the top position, everyone is excited to see who emerges victorious.

But something else is also stored for fans of Pakistani Rock and Roll. Living up to the tradition of throwing a celebrity performance on each episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, the grand finale could see [eP] returning to the stage.

A recent click from the backstage of PBOTB suggests that Fawad Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi) are all set to reunite on the stage.

From the picture above, we can clearly see the three big names of Entity Paradigm on the same stage. Unfortunately, there is no sign of eP’s drummer Waqar Ahmed Khan because of the picture failed to capture the drummer.

If this isn’t enough, Ahmed Ali Butt also teased a comeback to music through his Instagram account.

Ahmed Ali Butt uploaded this picture from Karachi (Pepsi Battle of the Bands is taking place in) with the caption reading ‘ Coming soon #rock #rockstar #music #rocker‘.

With the backstage image leak today and Fawad Khan being a judge on the show, there is a significant chance that eP will indeed perform at the PBOTB.

The band eP has largely been inactive since they released their debut album. The band reunited around 7 years ago to release the song ‘Shor Macha’ and did a couple of concerts before disappearing again.

Perhaps the most exciting thing of this reunion is Xulfi returning. When eP reunited for a few concerts and a song, the band member was largely missing.

Xulfi also performed with Call the Band during the Pepsi Battle of the Band semi-final episode.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is all set to release its final episode tomorrow. The quickest and best way to catch the episode is by heading over to Pepsi Pakistan’s official YouTube account.