Couple Travelling From Switzerland to Asia on Motorbikes Reach Pakistan

Xenia and Tinu are a couple who occasionally travels to far off places from their homes on their motorbikes. The two call themselves a travel bug infected couple and are mostly out and about discovering new places.

Their recent and ongoing adventure on their trusty Yamaha XT660’s motorbikes has brought them to Asia. The two started their journey from Switzerland with an aim of discovering the whole of the Asian region.

After traveling thousands of kilometers through different regions and countries, Xenia and Tinu arrived in Pakistan on the 4th of September from China.

The two are currently exploring the northern areas of Pakistan before they head out to India to continue their epic journey. They have so far found Pakistan to be a very friendly and welcoming country.

They felt comfortable from the moment they entered Pakistan and are thankful that a lot of Pakistanis speak English fluently. This only made their journey easier for them.

The Couple have planned to ride around the world

Xenia and Tinu started their epic journey from Switzerland in February 2017. So far they have visited many different countries including Italy, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China.

The couple is planning to stay and discover Pakistan a bit more before they head out to India and Nepal. From there on they will decide where to go next.

The two did mention that after finishing their Asia trip, they may head to New Zealand and even Australia. But for that to happen, we’ll have to wait and see where they head next.

Some of the photos the best photos of their travels are shared below.

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