Coca Cola Pakistan Sets New World Record for World’s Largest Packaged Product Display

After the success of Coke Studio season 10, Coca-Cola is once again making headlines in Pakistan by breaking the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Packaged Product Display.

The Coca-Cola company set this record by displaying 10,000 cases of their large Coke bottles in a display center covering almost 200 feet of space. The bottles used in the display had more than 1 million liters of product in it which is enough to fill an Olympics standard swimming pool.

The coverage area of the packaged product display was recorded at 1,470.91 m beating the old record of 742.145 set by Solo, Istanbul.

The record was set by Coca-Cola with the help of their wholesale partner Metro Cash & Carry Lahore. It involved more than 100 people, 114 trucks and 72 hours to build the display.

The official record was set in the presence of many senior officials of the company as well as celebrity artists from Coke Studio who also performed during the record-breaking ceremony in Lahore.

Just a month ago another Pakistani brand broke Guinness World Record for largest cookie mosaic in the world. It was set by Peak Freans Sooper biscuits.