Big car manufacturers release ads targeting women following Saudi driving ban lift

After years of banning women to drive cars, Saudi Arabia finally lifted the ban and was commended by the entire world. This gave big car manufacturers the opportunity to target a brand new audience in the country, women.

The advertisements from car manufacturers like Caddilac, Chevrolet and more appeared almost immediately started appearing on social media following the announcement by Saudi King Salman on September 27.

Previously, women in Saudi Arabia were strictly not allowed to drive and would only operate cars through a male driver. The ban has finally lifted and women will now also be issued licenses to drive. However, the lift on the ban doesn’t start until June 2018.

Here are some of the ads posted on social media pages of big car manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.


Show them what it means to drive the world forward, #DareGreatly#SaudiWomenCanDrive

The wait is over. #saudiwomencandrive#daregreatly


Get ready for  #اكتشاف_آفاقاً_جديدة#الملك_ينتصر_لقياده_المراءه


Blessed Saudi women be allowed to drive. ?


It’s your turn, take over the driver’s seat. #SaudiWomenDriving#SaudiWomenCanDrive


Welcome to the driver’s seat. #SaudiWomenMove#SaudiWomenCanDrive

Thousands of new buyers

With women now allowed to buy and drive cars in Saudi Arabia, there is without any doubt that this could mean thousands of new buyers in the market which could result in a net worth of millions for these companies.

The citizens of Saudia Arabia are considered some of the wealthiest people on the planet. With over 28 million in population, this ban lift could change the car industry in the country forever.