A barber in Karachi creates magnificent art on camels for a living

A barber in Karachi has found a unique way of using his skills to earn extra money. 48-year-old Ali Hussain from a small village in Naushero Feroz travels 200 miles to Karachi to give camels an artful haircut, earning up to RS. 100,000.

Ali learned to create art on camel’s coats and he learned this skill from his forefathers. He explains that the job requires a lot of time and effort to complete but never require any set of special tools other than a scissor.

His artful haircuts may only require a pair of scissors but can take up to 13 hours for him to complete his work on one camel. His skill is mostly in high demand during the weeks before Eid-Ul-Adha in cattle markets.

Camel owners in the cattle-market often use his services because the price of their camels significantly increases after Ali gives them a haircut. One vendor explained that his camel sold for an extra RS.30,000 after he got a design made by Ali.

Fame and international recognition

His work is in so much demand during the Eid that he often gets swarmed by people asking him to give their camel a new look. Ali says that his art has helped him earn RS.100,000 in just a few weeks compared to his monthly earning of RS.20,000 he gets from his small salon in his village.

Ali says that his art helps him earn up to RS.100,000 during Eid in just a few weeks compared to his monthly earning of RS.20,000 that he gets from his usual work.

Ever since his art got popular locally, many international media groups have commended his work through various forms of video and written articles.