Pakistan brings home Guinness World Record for creating the largest cookie mosaic

Pakistan has broken another Gunniess World Record and has become the new title owner of Largest cookie mosaic in the world. The mosaic was made by Peak Freans Pakistan on the occasion of 70th Independence day of Pakistan.

The cookie mosaic consisted of 150,000 cookies and measured at 226.51 square meters and was shaped after the Pakistani flag with green and white Sooper biscuits. The previous record was held by the Royal Academy of Jordan in Amman who created a cookie mosaic measuring 187.04 meters.

The event of creating the cookie mosaic was held in Islamabad under the supervision of Guinness World Record’s officials. Other professionals like a health inspector were also present to ensure that everything went by smoothly.

Pakistani celebrities also took part

The cookie mosaic event in Islamabad also invited a number of celebrity guests to witness the record being made. Names like Younis Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, Osman Khalid Bitt, Mira Sethi, Adnan Siddiqui and Hareem Farooq were present.

The celebrities not only encourage the 200 employees of the cookie manufacturer, they also actively took part in the creation of the mosaic as it was being made on the stage.


It took the team approximately 6 and a half hours to beat the record and set a new historic event for the nation. After the measurements were taken at the venue, the results were announced by the Guinness World Record officials. The cookies used in the mosaic were later distributed to charities in Pakistan.