Haroon Launches a fresh version of ‘Dil Say Pakistan’ featuring voices of Muniba Mazari & Javed Bashir Among Others

Haroon Rashid, one of the most celebrated artists of Pakistan has just released a rendition of one of his most popular patriotic songs, ‘Dil Say’. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Pakistan, the new version of the song features Haroon with Javed Bashir, one of the best current generation vocals of the nation and the inspirational Muniba Mazari.

For the remake of the song, Haroon also shot a brand new video that showcases the positive image of the country. The video first takes the viewers through Pakistani legends like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Malala Yousaf Zai and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. It then takes the viewers to the northern areas of Pakistan and then shows the various achievements of Pakistanis including the Pakistani Cricket Team.

Check out the video below and relive ‘Dil Say’ once more in a completely unique way.

Original Version of ‘Dil Say’

The original version of the song was released back in 2003 and stayed among top patriotic songs. The song had a great video as well about a story of a couple traveling to Pakistan after partition.