Don’t miss out the Pakistan, Saudi and Turkish ‘Independence Day Air Show’ in Islamabad

As the 70th independence day of Pakistan nears day by day, the entire nation is busy preparing tributes to our great country. Whether they’re singers, actors, models, poets, local businesses or common citizens, every single person is up to something.

For the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Pakistan, the Pakistan Air Force is collaborating with Saudi-Arabia and Turkey to host an amazing air show in Islamabad. If you’re an Islamabadian, you might have already seen and heard fighter jets roaring across the sky every day as the rehearsals go strong.


Photo Credits: Awais Lali
photo credits: Awais Lali

Guest demonstrations by Saudi and Turkish Fighter Jets are also part of the show

One of the best things about the upcoming air show in Islamabad is that the Turkish Air Force, the SOLO TURK F-16, and Saudi Hawks Aerobatic Team will also demonstrate their unique skills. It will be a sight to see and a show that shouldn’t be missed no matter what.

How to attend the Pakistan Independence Day Air Show 2017

The Pakistan independence day air show will be officially held in F-9 Park Islamabad (aka Fatima Jinnah Park / Capital Park). The show does not require any passes, however, you must go with your family with your original CNIC cards. The show will begin at 9 AM.

PAF and its guests are already rehearsing for the show nearly every day in Islamabad. So be free to join the rehearsals in F-9 Park during the morning hours.