CDA shoots ‘pet dog’ dead while on culling drive of stray dogs in Islamabad

CDA shot a pet jumper dog belonging to an Islamabadi citizen today. The pet dog had belonged to Affan Javed, who was at work at the time of the incident.

A neighboring child tried to warn them that it was a pet dog and not a stray, but the CDA officials shot the dog nonetheless. After finding out that his dog had been killed and his body put in a truck, Affan posted a message on his Facebook page condemning this inhumane attitude of the Capital Development Authority of Islamabad.

Apparently, CDA conducts culling drive of stray dogs when multiple complaints are registered by residents. Pet dogs are always required to wear their collar so that CDA can differentiate a stray dog from a pet dog.

But unfortunately, Affan’s dog wasn’t wearing a collar because, according to his owner, a collar on a dog increases the chances of the dog being stolen. His previous dog was actually stolen, so he refrained from ever putting a collar on his jumper.

What Affan has to say about the inhumane killing of his pet dog

CDA KILLED MY JUMPER TODAY 9:30am. THEY ARE ON A KILLING SPREE – they are killing dogs with guns. My beautiful Jumper was mercilessly murdered – I was not at home. I was at work. I left 15 min before. My family told me late when I returned home.

My Neighbour’s child – a little kid, told them not to. They ignored and fired in front of the child. My neighbour aunty got out and yelled, called my mother. My mother and father got out. It was too late. Within minutes they had killed my beautiful jumper and put him in truck. We hid gina. The Neighbors got out with hue and cry and immediately those assholes got into the car and ran away.

I don’t know where the street guards were sleeping, jumper was sitting in the garden. I never put a collar on him because when I did put one on popo she got stolen. Everyone in the street, neighborhood knew it was our dog. Our street loved him, and he was born in our house. He was coming out to be such Beautiful golden tall handsome dog. We were just admiring him yesterday- can’t believe he is killed. Can’t believe life can be so unpredictable.., don’t even know how to process this…

I want to do something about it. What is this inhumane attitude. How can CDA be killing dogs – what kind of humanity is this? My Neighbour’s child told them he was a pet. They ignored the kid yelling – na Maro. How can you kill an animal this way in a city?

What action can I take? Nothing will bring jumper back but how can we end this inhumane killing. What kind of idiots give guns to people on streets to kill – that too in front of a child…

CDA’s Stray Dog Culling Drive

CDA has been allegedly disposing of stray dogs using guns and bullets. The authority has previously conducted this drive in different areas of Islamabad after receiving multiple complaints from locals.

But the real problem is not the culling itself, it is the way the authority has chosen to dispose of stray dogs; through bullets which cause pain and agony to the animals.

In Pakistan, authorities have always chosen the wrong methods for a culling drive. For example, in Karachi and more recently in Rawalpindi, the authorities gave poison to the stray dogs and in some instances, never bothered to get rid of the bodies.