These photos of Babusar-Naran road from yesterday show you should be careful driving during heavy rains

Pakistan’s Northern Areas are full of beautiful mountain tops, vistas, valleys, lakes, and streams. The beauty of these areas not only attract Pakistani’s from across the country but are also a favorite amongst foreign tourists.

During the summers when the children are off from their schools, a huge number of tourists visit areas like Naran Kaghan valleys, Babusar Top, Chilas, Hunza and near by surrounding areas.

But summers are also responsible for very heavy monsoon rainfalls in Pakistan and many times, the Northern Areas tend to get flooded the most. A lot of rain means that it becomes very risky to travel on the highways that connect the Northern Areas. Heavy rain falls not only cause the roads to become extremely slippery, but there is also the danger of landslides on the way.

Landslide and Floods are causing accidents

Just today, for example, the Babusar-Naran road was suspended due to heavy landslide and flooding which was triggered by non-stop heavy rains. There have been several reports of damage and missing laborers and locals from the area after a flood hit the Gonar Farm area of the District Diamer. Several accidents on the road that crushed vehicles were also reported.

The rainfall has been so severe in the area that the supply of electricity has also been cut off to Chilas. Flooding has also damaged many different residential and tourist areas around these parts of the Northern Area.

Protect your family and yourself – Travel with responsibility

During these heavy rains, it is a huge risk to travel to Northern Areas. Your family life depends on the decisions you take, so when you plan to set out to the northern areas, make sure you are aware of the weather conditions. If things are looking bad, postpone your trip and avoid traveling at all costs. Afterall, a little mistake or irresponsibility on your part could become the cause of a fatal incident which you may regret all your life.