This artist combined Game of Thrones with Pepsi Battle of the Bands

As Pepsi Battle of the Bands near its completion, more and more people have started following the show that is here to revive rock and roll in Pakistan. With only 3 bands left in the show, the competition is getting tense.

Shahzaib Hussain, a celebrated artist of Pakistan happens to follow both the Pepsi Battle of the Bands and Game of Thrones and decided to combine the two of his favorite shows on TV and the results are pretty awesome.

Shahzaib gave each of the judges from Pepsi BOTB a Game of Thrones makeover by turning them into popular characters from the HBO hit. Check the images below.

The King slayer – Atif Lannister

 King in the North – Fawad Stark

Mother of Dragons – Meesha Targaryen

Shazaib asked his followers to help him name the last judge

More about Shazaib Hussain

Shahzaib Hussain is a self-motivated graphics designer and digital artist. He is an electrical engineer by education. He started his Facebook Page, Shahzaib Hussain Art which gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan.

Shazaib uses a cheerful medium of art to make comics and other graphics that provides not only humor but also raises social awareness. Follow his page for more of his art work.