This American Comedian visiting Pakistan and sharing his experience is winning hearts

In case you’re not following Jeremy McLellan on Facebook yet, he is winning the hearts of Pakistani’s through his fun and witty posts about his journey.

McLellan arrived in Pakistan at the beginning of August and after spending two weeks, he is going back. But he has documented his entire journey to the country on his social media account. His posts show his journey as he learns our customs and culture and the local language.

The best thing about the journey documentation was McLellan’s unique way of describing the events that unfolded in front of him in an extremely humorous way that all of us Pakistani’s can easily relate to. We collected some of his funniest posts from his journey.

Learning about Pakistani traffic rules

Encounter with Fair and Lovely cream

I think I overused this

Finding the ideal ride

Found my ride back to Lahore 

Calling Pakistani Hardees Garbage

My favorite thing about Pakistan is the local, authentic, traditionally made food.

Getting sick from drinking tap water

During his journey, a local hotel in Islamabad served him tap water bottled in a nestle water bottle. This made him and his entire time sick.

Speaking on agriculture of Pakistan

Trying to find more people like him

Searching for other goras at the Kohsar Market.

Getting along with kids

Showing pictures and video of my dog to the kids at Sweet Homes Orphanage in Islamabad.

Taking back gifts for the wrong people at home

During his stay in Pakistan, a protest had taken place back home. He had the following to say.

Making quick trips to Egypt and France in Pakistan

Quick trip to Egypt. Very nice.

Quick trip to Paris. Very nice.

Playing tape ball cricket

Ready for the World Cup


My heart goes out to the guys trying to teach me how to swing

Celebrating Independence Day in Pindi boy style


Learning about the Secret ingredients in Lahori Biryani

For lunch I stopped and got some authentic traditional Lahori biryani.

Training spy pigeons for secret missions

In honor of Indian Independence Day, here I am training Pakistani spy pigeons to carry out top secret missions across the border.


Here I am on the border in Baddomalhi keeping an eye on India.

Getting in on the political situation in Pakistan

UPDATE: I have just been disqualified by the Pakistani Supreme Court. I TOLD YOU I WAS SORRY YAR

Here’s my rally. See all the people supporting me? We must overturn this decision.

Paying his taxes in the country

Impressing the ladies of Pakistan

To view his full journey of 2 weeks in Pakistan, head over to his official Facebook page.