8 British Muslims Just completed a Cycle Ride from London to Medina to complete Hajj

Eight British Muslims from London has just completed more than 3,200 KMs and crossed 9 countries on cycles to reach Madina in Saudia Arabia to perform Hajj.

The Hajj cycle challenge was taken by these gentlemen around 6 weeks ago in London. It took them great effort to reach Madina crossing many parts of Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Greece, and Egypt.

The riders call themselves the Hajj Riders and they come from different parts of England. To complete the challenge, these guys went through harsh 3 months of training in order to become ready.

During their journey, they crossed all kinds of terrain ranging from roads to mountains and had to endure harsh weather conditions that include unbearable heats, rain, and storm.

Throughout their journey, they had support from the locals of every country they visited. These people shared their food and offered shelter to the riders.

Hajj Riders reached Saudia after 6 weeks of riding

The men made it to Saudi Arabia on Saturday evening where they were given a police escort to reach the Prophet’s Mosque (Haram). Upon reaching the mosque, the cyclists shared a very emotional journey with the people who were following them. Some of them even broke in tears of joy upon reaching their final destination and seeing so much support from people.

Raising funds for medical projects in Syria

The riders will now rest in Madina and will start their Hajj which begins at the end of August. The journey also served another purpose of raising funds for various medical projects in Syria. Their target is to reach  £1M. If you are interested in donating to their cause, head over to their website.