5 Women who are changing the fitness industry of Pakistan

The growing Pakistani fitness industry has come a long way. In a country where there were rarely ever the concept of certified trainers, people had no choice to learn about advanced fitness methods through the internet.

But today, Pakistan has many young and promising fitness enthusiasts that are reviving the fitness industry in the country.

Some of these young and passionate fitness enthusiasts are women. These Pakistani women have given up everything to pursue their passion in fitness and they have successfully changed the way we looked at women in Fitness.

Here is a list of women who are changing the fitness industry in Pakistan.

Mantahaa Maqsood

Mantahaa was a banker before she became a well-known wellness coach. Her career in the fitness industry started when she used to workout in a gym in New York.

She recalls that many women in her gym started following her workout methods and thus she decided to ditch her desk job and become a wellness coach in Pakistan.

Today Mantahaa is one of the most well-known coaches in Pakistan and owns the wellness company in Karachi. Her workout methods have changed several lives and even celebrities of Pakistan endorse her.

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Nusrat Hidayatullah

Nusrat Hidayatullah needs no introduction. She is one of the co-founders of Pakistan’s most famous fitness program ‘The 42-day challenge’.

She created this program with her partner Torsam Tajik when they were discovering the perfect fitness routine for themselves.

After many experiments, the two found out what worked for them and what did not. As their program started developing further, the two decided to take on a class in open space. This is when the 42-day challenge was born and is now one of the biggest fitness programs of Pakistan with a huge following.

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Maryam Nasim

Maryam Nasim is a trainer in Melbourne hailing from Peshawar Pakistan. Maryam caught interest in fitness when she was just a teen.

Being overweight, Maryam had to follow a lot of fad diets to reduce her weight. She did succeed in losing weight initially but realized that it had affected her health in a negative manner.

That’s when she realized that in order to stay fit, she had to do more than just follow a fad diet. She started lifting weights and eating properly for a healthy lifestyle.

Today Maryam trains in Melbourne as well as writes her blog IAMFIT.

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Sidra Noureen

Sidra Noureen has a great passion for bodybuilding. She started out very young while supporting her sisters. Even though she had it really tough being passionate about bodybuilding in Pakistan, Sidra still fought on and has now become a very popular public figure in Pakistan.

Sidra now helps improve others lives through her unique fitness program in Islamabad.

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Amal Sarwar

Amal Sarwar became a certified fitness instructor in the UK and then started training at the YMCAFit. Amal also holds several other certifications such as the Ricky Hatton Boxing Academy Certification.

Her certifications gave her the right tools to develop a personal fitness program unlike anything in Pakistan. She combines several workout routines into one program that keeps it fun and engaging for her trainees.

If you’re up for a program that mixes a lot of different workout styles together, Amal’s program may be the best for you.

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