Watch: Zoheb Hassan returns with a new album, releases first music video ‘Silsalay’

Renowned Pakistani pop singer Zoheb Hassan has just made a comeback with a new album titled ‘Signature’ which is essentially a collection of his best tracks to date. For his new album, Zoheb has collaborated with DJ Swami, a UK Based music director who has worked with names like Shania Twain, Stereo Nation, and Apache Indian.

To celebrated the release of Signature, Zoheb Hassan has released the first music video from the album for the song ‘Silsalay’. Previously, the artist had also released the video of Sansein Meri, another track from the album.

According to Zoheb, work on the album has been in works for almost a decade and a half now. He revealed that the album was at work when his sister, Nazia Hassan was alive. But since his sister fell ill, the plans to work further on the album were put on hold.

The album ‘Signature’ is very close to Zoheb’s heart because it revolves around the experiences he and his family has experienced over the past 10 years. Speaking of the tone of the album, Zoheb revealed that the new album will have a more mature sound than the work he is known for. It is a soulful album which is quite far from the pop/disco sound of his work during the early stages of his musical career.

Zoheb Hassan was originally going to release the album after Eid-Ul-Adha, but it has already been fully released over the internet and you can listen to all the songs on Taazi.

The album according to Zoheb will also include a special documentary showing the producers and the artist working on the album. An extended release of the album will also feature work from Nazia Hassan who according to her brother recorded alternative versions of her most loved songs which will be presented in a single song on the full release of the album.

Moreover, a couple of tracks from the album were also recorded specifically for a feature film on Nazia and Zoheb’s life which is currently in production.