Sharemeen Obaid Chinoy’s Documentary gets nominated for three Emmy Awards

Sharemeen Obaid Chinoy is once again making the headlines all over Pakistan with her short documentary A Girl in The River: The Price of Forgiveness. The documentary has just been nominated in three categories for the Emmy awards including Best Documentary, Outstanding Short Documentary and Outstanding Music and Sound.

A Girl in The River isn’t being nominated for the first time. In 2016, the short film won an Academy award for the Best Documentary Short Subject.

Sharemeen Obaid Chinoy has already bagged 6 Emmy awards and 2 Academy awards from various projects. Her latest documentary has a good chance of grabbing another Emmy for Pakistan.

More about The Girl in The River: The Price of Forgiveness

The Girl in the River is an academy award winning documentary by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy that shows a journey of a teenage girl who survives an honor killing attempt by her uncle and father.

The girl in the film is then pressured from the public to forgive her father and uncle for their attempt at killing her, but she doesn’t agree because it’s merely a way for her father and uncle to go free. Like most of her documentaries, The Girl In the River is based on a very sensitive topic in Pakistan. Sharmeen’s documentaries have met with mix reviews from Pakistani public in form of criticism on her choice of topics, praise and threats alike.