Several brands take a jab at Careem’s Rishta Aunty campaign

Yesterday the entire Pakistan woke up to something completely unexpected from Careem Pakistan. A notification on anyone having the Careem app read ‘ Your rishta is here’.

Turns out Careem wasn’t joking when it sent out this notification. The company has actually partnered up with real rishta aunties to provide match making services while you take your ride. There is a new cab type option that reads rishta aunty and can be booked about an hour in advance. Once booked, your ride comes with a Careem captain accompanied by a woman who will help you find the perfect match for you after taking a few of your personal details.

By mid day, the unexpected and often confusing campaign by Careem had taken over most of Pakistan’s social media feeds with mix reactions from the public ranging from fun to confusion to downright anger.

Careem offers you the “halaal” way to find the right person. Have a rishta aunty accompany you during your ride.

This also sparked other brands to jump the bandwagon of the rishta aunty campaign. Many different companies are now quickly cashing on the viral story with their own ads and promotional content. Check out some of the best responses and parodies of the original campaign.

Memon’s Kitchen

Naan specialists

Ahmed Foods

Move over Rishta Aunty, Ahmed Foods Products kay saath ho sabki baat pakki!


A ”Rishta Aunty” Does not get you a Perfect Rishta but a Perfect shoe does – Cinderella.

Nadia Farooqui

Rishta aunty might help you find the rishta ,Nadia Farooqui will definitely find the jora. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.


Aunty will find you the rishta.
But what about the Bridal Furniture?

Fabrics & Fabrics

Heard your Kareem Uncle is coming with the Rishta Aunty? Dress to impress all and get it FIXED!

The Burger Joint

Gol rotiyan are old school now, Rishta aunty. Let’s get to know each other over a delicious burger instead!

Noor Rice Cash & Carry Gojra

Rishta Aunty will help you find the Rishta.
But what about the RICE in Valima.

Badmash Biryani

Jo aik baar badmash khaye, woh phir kaheen ka nah rahay. Rishta aunty abh hogai Badmash ki fan.


If you want to get from A to B, hassle free and without worrying about rishta aunties, it’s time to #UberIt

Joy Cab


Suna hay logon nay rishtay kerwana bhi shuru kerdiye hain..

Blue Ex