Remember Gormint Auntie? Here’s how her family’s life changed for the worse after the viral video

Remember a short clip of an auntie being too honest about the government of Pakistan in an interview by Waqt news on social media? The clip was shared last year on the internet and it got recognition all over Pakistan for just a single line ‘Ye Bik Gayi Hai Gormint’.

Many of you probably didn’t think of how the whole video going viral had a massive negative effect on the life of everyone dear to the lady. In a recent interview, a reporter from Samaa TV talked to the son of the lady and found out shocking details of the aftermath of the viral video.

The son revealed that the harmless interview of her mother has changed their lives forever in the worse way possible. According to him, their entire extended family has boycotted them and make jokes about their mother when they are at a family gathering.

Everyone makes fun of my mother. We have stopped attending family events because people, instead of enjoying the family functions, shift their focus on my mother. We have had many altercations with our relatives and neighbours over the issue. As a result, no one comes to our house anymore.

He said that her mother is in her old age and suffers from blood pressure issues. She is a short tempered lady who doesn’t care what she is saying when her blood pressure rises.

That day when the people from the TV channel came to their neighborhood, she was particularly annoyed and said whatever came to her mind during the short interview.

But this is not all, she also has daughters which are unable to find suitable matches because no matter where they go, they become the target of jokes and teases.

Society doesn’t let us breathe in peace. Even my father and brother become the target of jokes whenever they go out. My mother has become even more irritable after the incident.

This shows that every story has two sides. We may have all loved laughing and making hundreds of memes out of the gormint auntie, but none of us ever thought about how this could have hurt the family she belongs to. Now the entire family faces a complete social boycott from not only their extended family but from the neighborhood too.

And the auntie has become such a recognized face in the country that there is nowhere the family can escape to without being targetted with jokes and teases.