The Picture Wall of Lahore Fort has been upgraded with illumination

Pakistan has plenty of potential for being a great place to tour. We have some of the best mountains, forests, and landmarks to see all over the country.

However what these attraction points have always been best visited in the day because most of these places are not equipped with proper lights to show their true beauty. But the Walled City of Lahore Authority (WLCA) is trying to change that by installing lights in landmarks and attraction points.

They have started with the Lahore Fort which is one of the biggest and most visited landmarks of the country in Lahore.

In order to promote tourism in the night, the authority has launched the operation to illuminate these points starting out with the Picture wall of Lahore Fort. The wall itself has now been equipped with 90 lights to brighten it up in the night.

The Picture Wall of Lahore Fort

The Picture Wall of Lahore Fort is the largest picture wall of the world measuring nearly 450 meters in length and stands tall at 17 meters high.

For a very long time, this wall has been neglected in terms of tourism and conversation. A lot of people visiting the Fort had no idea such a marvel had existed in it. The authorities are now trying their best to spread awareness of the wall. For this, they also plan to launch regular and dedicated night tours of the picture wall to share its historical value with visitors and tourists.