Pakistani woman hand stitched Quran and became the first to ever do so

Zamurd Khan, a Pashtun origin Pakistani woman has just finished hand stitching the Quran to become the first woman in Pakistan’s history to do so.

Zamurd is currently living in the Korangi area of Karachi with her family. She initiated her hand stitched Quran program about 7 years ago. She has finally completed her masterpiece after 7 years and 6 months.

The Quran that she made is stitched out of cotton and each page is bordered with green silk and gold color embroidery to give it a beautiful look.

Each sipara is a separate book which is also decorated in the same pattern throughout.

She also used the color green to sew the text into the Quran. According to Zamurd, the hand stitched Quran weighs 62 KGs in weight.

She has also created a box which serves as storage to protect the Quran.

Zamurd started stitching the Quran with full determination to complete it and when she started it back in early 2010, she didn’t really care how long would it take to complete it. Her hard work and devotion and love for her religion made it possible for her to go on until it was finished.

Other unique and handmade versions of the Quran

Zamurd’s hand stitched Quran isn’t the first time someone has attempted to create the book in a completely unique manner.

Tunzale Memmedzade, a 33-year-old decorative artist from Azerbaijan also recently completed a handwritten Quran on silk. 

Another Egyptian artist, Saad Mohammad produced 700 meters long Quran in an attempt to make a Guinness World Record.