Why are Pakistani celebrities using #switchedoff hashtag?

Remember Pepsi’s #EyesClosedforLight campaign during the month of Ramadan last month? The widely successful and viral campaign that extended Pepsi’s TV liter of light campaign was picked up by millions of people in Pakistan along with some very notable names in the entertainment industry.

Following the success of the campaign, it seems Pepsi Co is back with another social media campaign which is still in its early stages but it is picking up traction fast.

This time Pepsi is using its brand Sting to focus on switching your phone off, at least that is what the several posts from celebrities are hinting at.

It all started with the official Sting Facebook page adding a cover video that simply showed a small teaser of a black screen with ‘Switched off’ written on it.

After that, several Pakistani celebrities started posting various statuses with the hashtag #switchedoff. Here are the celebrities who are already using the hashtag to promote the upcoming campaign by Sting.

Mehwish Hayat

Khalid Malik

Shazia Naz Khan

Ayesha Omar

Anoushey Ashraf

Mehreen Syed

Hina Altaf Khan

Feroze Khan

Although the details of the campaign are still vague, from the several posts above, it does seem like it will be a mix of switching your phone off and getting out there to get involved with real world activities with the power of Sting energy drink in your hand.

Or it could also just be just about how to get back in your life when you are tired of your daily monotonous activities and just need a little energy to be back.