Meet the newest Pakistani female commercial pilot

When it comes to piloting a commercial aircraft, in Pakistan, it’s very easy to say it is a male dominated industry. But over the course of time, things are turning better as more and more female pilots are entering the field.

Adding to the list of female commercial pilots in Pakistan is Marukh. She has just completed her coursework and CPL training from the Karachi Aero Club and has received her commercial pilot license.

My first flight was amazing and it felt like a dream and that’s the best thing I have ever experienced. It made me feel like I was the captain of my own aircraft and gave me confidence and this confidence grew day by day -Marukh

Marukh piloting skills run in the family. Her father was a commercial pilot and that’s who inspired her to become a pilot.

I chose this field because I always used to look at my dad being an airline pilot and that’s the time I decided that I want to do the same.

She had to go through a lot of hard work and training to successfully receive her commercial pilot license. The training had her flying air crafts in different sizes.

There are a lot of different things we have to perform at first and all the necessary things before the flight induct.

But Marukh never felt like this was a hard job for her to do. She believes in passion and has a message for all the women in Pakistan who want to become a pilot.

Once you love it, once you choose flying is your passion, its not hard at all