Here’s your first look at Atari’s new console

In over 20 years, Atari has not released a new console and has mostly been a publishing company just like SEGA. But now things are about to change as Atari is gearing up to release its first ever console in 20 long years.

In an official newsletter, Atari shared the first look at the design of their new console the ‘Ataribox’.

The Ataribox is inspired by the original Atari console in terms of design. It will have the same use of wood ribbed lines and raised back. The company is working hard to create a smooth designed that will have ribs flow seamlessly all around the body of the console.

The console will also have a front panel made out of either wood or glass, a logo on the front and indicator lights that will glow through the material.

Even though not many details are available on the rest of the specifications of the console, the company has revealed that the current design has an HDMI output along with SD card and 4 x USB outputs which could mean the controllers will work through USB ports.

Atari will be releasing the console in two editions, the wood edition, and the black/red edition.

As for the games, Atari will be delivering classing gaming content alongside current gaming content. But the company has not revealed whether third party developers will be involved in creating current game content for the console.

Specifications, games, features, pricing of AtariBox

Unfortunately, Atari is being very tight lipped about any information regarding the games, the features of the console and pricing and availability.

In their official letter, Atari has claimed that they will be slowly revealing more information about the console to the public. Currently, they are working with the community to make sure that everything is according to what the Atari community want it to be.

Atari wants you to give them constant feedback on their new console, so head over to their social media page and get involved!

A look at the original Atari console and games

Although the first ever home gaming consoles started hitting homes in 1972, they were not recognized until 1977 when Atari released the Atari 2600.

The Atari 2600 became one of the most popular home consoles of that time and it has been credited as the first console to make use of microprocessor based hardware and ROM cartridges containing codes of video games.

Atari has also been credited for releasing some of the most popular video games of all time. All time classics include games like:

  • Asteroids
  • Asterix
  • 3D Tic Tac Toe
  • centipede
  • dig dug
  • ET The Extra Terrestrial
  • Pac Man
  • Jungle Hunt
  • Road runner
  • Space Invaders
  • Street Racer
  • Super Breakout
  • Yars’ Revenge
  • and much more

Whether Atari will be remaking these iconic titles or not, only time will tell as they release more information about the games and the console itself.