Hadiqa Kiani releases 4th chapter of her album WAJD

With her latest album WAJD, Hadiqa Kiani set out to explore the regional folk music of Pakistan. The latest chapter has her exploring Punjabi culture by paying tribute to the famed Baba Bulleh Shah’s ‘Kamli’.

The already deep poetry of Bulleh Shah has been brought to life through Hadiqa’s deep vocals and the several veteran artists behind her. The song itself has been made with so much passion that even the first few seconds of the opening sequence are enough to bring you to an edge.

The song Kamli features a team of very talented musicians backing Hadiqa on vocals. The names include Baqir Abbas on the flute, Steve George on the Saz Baglama, Irfan Kiani and Imran Ali on harmonium, Asif Ali Goga on Qawaali jori and Sharafat, Imran and Irfan on the backing vocals.

The song has once again been produced by Hadiqa’s brother Irfan Kiani who has been side by side by Hadiqa throughout her journey on the WAJD album.

Through the last three chapters ‘Kamlee Da Dhola’, ‘Bhit Ja Bhitai’ and ‘Aaj Rung Hai’, Hadiqa has proven that she is not just any singer, in fact, she is a powerful vocalist that can bend her voice and sing with complete versatility and passion no matter what she sets an eye on.