This gym in Islamabad is bringing a whole new fitness trend to Pakistan

The health and fitness industry in Pakistan has long been plagued with outdated training methods, fake supplements and uneducated and clueless trainers.

While the Western world has moved on to develop new and complex training methods with highly educated trainers and science behind them, Pakistan is still following the old school ‘ lift more weights to gain more muscle’ philosophy.

But as health and fitness industry is growing with more and more people getting aware of being at health risks if they don’t stay fit, the fitness industry has finally started flourishing in Pakistan. New companies with the aim to educate Pakistan and promote health and fitness are rapidly growing. One such company ‘Jacked Nutrition’ has set its eyes on creating a better Pakistan through fitness.

Jacked Nutrition started out as a small company promoting health and fitness through free consultation and selling authentic and steroids free supplements to fitness lovers has now grown into a one stop solution for people who want to be fit and stay healthy.

Jacked Nutrition is also responsible for pioneering new and untold methods of training in Pakistan. It has brought the popular western CrossFit culture to Pakistan in hopes of changing how people train in the gym.

Their first studio, Jacked Crossfit has opened its doors in Islamabad and is the only gym in the city to offer widely different training methods that beat the old traditional way we all are familiar with.

Having highly trained and educated team of personal trainers, Jacked Nutrition has helped hundreds of people in Pakistan to achieve their health and fitness goals. And now with their newest venture into CrossFit realm, the company is daring every Pakistani to come and push their limits to a whole new level and learn something new in return.

What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness regime developed to ensure maximum work capacity is obtained through constantly varied functional movements that are performed at a high intensity.

All of the workouts in this regime demand functional movements that cover running, rowing, gymnastics and weightlifting under one plan. It is a plan that reaps maximum results under the shortest periods of time.

CrossFit is widely used in the Western world to achieve physical fitness and lose weight in the shortest time possible. Since it requires varied functional movements, anyone can jump in and start the program at their own pace.

More About Jacked CrossFit

Jacked Crossfit is situated in F-11 Markaz of Islamabad just above Gloria Jeans. The studio is equipped with high-end gym equipment to meet all needs of its clients. The highlight of the studio is a whole section of it dedicated to CrossFit activities. There are hammers, tires, and tons of bars and jump boxes to help you perform all CrossFit exercises in one place.

There are even coached CrossFit classes for those who are unfamiliar with the training methods.

The Jacked CrossFit gym is perhaps the only gym in Islamabad that is open 24/7 -365 days for its clients.

The packages of the gym are also extremely affordable starting at just Rs. 3500. This is a huge bargain for a gym that is 24/7, equipped with high-end equipment, managed by highly trained personal trainers and fully air conditioned.

Check out their Facebook page for more information or head over to their website if you are looking for authentic supplements or gym gear.