Checkout Rabi Pirzada Riding a Ducati Heavy Bike in Lahore

Rabi Pirzada, the Pakistan pop singer, actress, and a host is often seen making headlines in the news for all the right and wrong reasons.

Pirzada is known for trying out new and random things. Her latest venture has something to do with heavy bikes and vehicles in general.

Rabi Pirzada was seen riding a heavy bike, but she didn’t just do it for sheer fun or experimentation. In a video posted on her Facebook, she mentions it has to do something with a project ‘Wheels of Pakistan’. Although not much information is available on this new project, we only know that it is being brought to by PakWheels.

She was also seen riding another vehicle which indicates she may be signing up for something that has her testing new vehicles.

More About Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Pirzada started her career as a Pop Singer with her hit song Dahdi Kurree in 2005. Then she came up with many more songs which failed to gain the same amount of traction her first song did.

Rabi was making headlines just a couple of months ago for her rendition of ‘Meray Rashke Qamar’. While some liked her version, others had very mixed reactions.

Pirzada did not stop with her singing, instead, she expanded her career into showbiz and starting hosting various shows for Capital TV, Channel 92 and even PTV Home.

Now Rabi Pirzada is also looking forward to making her acting debut in the Pakistani Film Shor Sharaba.