ARY jumps the ride hailing bandwagon

Ride-hailing services like Careem and Uber are getting significant attention after serving the entire country. More and more people are using these services to travel across their respective cities.

While the ride-hailing services started off with Uber and Careem, more and more companies have joined them to offer their own ride-hailing services.

The latest to enter ride-hailing services in Pakistan is ARY’s Sahulat Se Chalo.

According to ARY, this is the first-ever ‘Made in Pakistan’ car and rickshaw ride-hailing app that was launched on 21st April 2017 under the banner of ‘Be an entrepreneur’ a program brought by ARY Network for young minds to start up new businesses.

Sahulat Se Chalo is currently only available in Karachi and so far the services have completed 500 rides.

How to use ARY Sahulat Se Chalo

Booking a ride through Sahulat Se Chalo is quite similar to Careem and Uber. You are provided an app on iPhone or Android that will help you book a ride.

What’s different about this ride-hailing service is that it also allows you to book ride through kiosks spread across the cities in which it operates. Simply head over to a kiosk and you can book a ride from there too.

You can download the app on iPhone or Android.

If you would like to become a driver for the ARY Sahulat se Chalo program, head over to the official website and signup.

ARY Sahulat Se Chalo Fares

Here is a breakdown of fare

Here is a demo breakdown of fare from DHA Phase II to Dolmen Mall Clifton. For an 8 KM ride, the app charges around RS. 203 through Rickshaw and Rs. 296 through a car.

When compared to Careem and Uber, the same distance is surprisingly covered at a lower cost RS 203 through the lowest service option on either app. This could be because ARY Sahulat

This could be because ARY Sahulat se Chalo does not let you pick what kind of car service you want.

Have any of you tried ARY’s ride-hailing services yet? Let the others know your experience with it.