This Apple ad with The Rock proves how the iPhone is making our lives easier

Apple’s voice assistant Siri has mostly remained an invisible feature on the iPhone. People are aware of it but rarely ever use it especially in Pakistan. So how does one make people use a feature that isn’t much visible and is only controlled through voice?

Apple has taken many steps to educate and convince the masses to use Siri ever since the launch of its voice assistant but has mostly been unable to get them to use it regularly. The company has used splash pages, Siri suggestions on the phone itself, advertisement on TV, interviews and many other ways. But today when Apple unleashed an ad featuring Dawayn Johnson aka The Rock, things may finally pick traction in the right direction for Apple and Siri.

The three-minute ad featuring The Rock has only one purpose, teach people how useful Siri is to them on a daily basis if they start using it regularly. The Rock is shown as a movie star in the ad who has an insanely busy schedule alongside with his personal ‘Life goals’ list. To get them all done, he gets help from Siri.

Eash segment of the ad shows The Rock asking Siri for help and in return getting reliable answers. Whether it’s the weather, traffic details, fetching latest emails or taking a selfie without putting an effort of opening the camera app and manually taking the photo, Siri gets everything done for The Rock.

Will Apple finally be able to convince people to use an invisible interface such as Siri now that they have even appointed the highest paid actor, current action movie king and feature president of America? We can only wait and see!