5 Reasons why this is a Good time for you to go on a Vacation

Honestly, there is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ time to go on a holiday. No matter how much you plan and sort out your tasks life will always find a way to intervene in between.
So to convince you against your workaholic instincts, that this really is the right time to go on a vacation we bring to you 5 solid reasons:

Escape the Brutal Heat

While living in Pakistan I’m sure you need no introduction or explanation as to how brutal the weather can be – ‘Bohat garmi hai yaar iss mulk mein!’

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With heat stroke warnings frequently afloat, the temperature in Pakistan can reach alarmingly high degrees. Give yourself a break from the scorching weather and fly off like pigeons to cooler lands of the world. We ideally suggest a trip up north to Canada but if that’s too long of a journey for you to make, then visit the more moderate nation of Turkey – Istanbul.

Treat you Mum for a Post Mother’s Day Celebration

With mother’s day having recently passed by, take out time to express your love and gratitude towards your mum with a surprise celebration. Why wait for a designated day when your love for your mum is endless! – Surprise her with a family holiday to a tropical island of Thailand or take her on a shopping spree to Dubai. She’ll absolutely love it!

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You can’t remember the Last Holiday you took

If you have to jog your memory to remember the last holiday you went on, then you my friend are in desperate need of a vacation! Remind yourself how important it is to do things that make you happy and learn to live a little. Treat yourself with something special that’ll get you out of your regular routine.


It doesn’t have to be an extraordinary holiday with 5 class arrangements and a large group of friends. You can go on a budget trip with just your best friend or brother/sister. Some of the cheapest countries you can visit are Bulgaria, Greece, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

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You’re not getting any younger

Remember when you were a teenager making a bucket list of all the things you wanted to do before you died?

It included traveling, didn’t it?

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Everyone wants to see more of the world when they’re young. But as we age, we get so caught in the daily cycle of work and studies that we lose focus of all our dreams – But you must realize that you’re not going to get any younger with time! If you want to travel the world then do it today, because scraping the Eiffel tower when you’re 50 with a delicate shoulder and aching knee won’t really be as fun.

Traveling can Help you in your Daily Life

People don’t realize that traveling the world is not only a luxury but also a learning experience. It is incomparable from anything you’ll ever learn from textbooks.

Numerous scholars advise individuals to travel while they’re young because this helps open their minds to a whole new world of opportunities and ideas that can enhance their understanding of the global community, and this is supremely beneficial!

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Is something still holding you back? Work commitments or studies? Then ask yourself, is traveling something you really want to do? Will it really make you happy? If the answer is YES and this is your reaction to the idea:

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Then you really owe it to yourself to work around your schedule and make it happen. Even a simple weekend getaway can liberate you from a year’s worth of stress.
So just trust us and start packing!