Whatsapp on iPhone has just become much better to use

Messenger applications are getting better and better in hopes of getting more and more people to use them. Giants like Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat are rolling out updates aggressively to bring new features on the board. Now Whatsapp has just unleashed a host of new features for iPhone that makes it so much better to use than before.

Let’s look at all the new features WhatsApp released today on the iPhone one by one.

1. Albums

Now you can send multiple images or videos to your buddies through the application by adding them into a single album. This makes it much easier to send multiple images to a friend as opposed to a limit of 10-15 images previously. What’s, even more, better is that the recipient will now be able to view them easily in an album form much similar to the layout on Facebook.

2. Integration with Siri

Whatsapp is now fully integrated with Siri. This means that the virtual assistant will now be able to read all your Whatsapp messages for you. You can also reply using Siri too. This feature, however, is only available for users who are on iOS 10.3 or later.

3. Quick Reply

Now you can easily reply a message by swiping it to the right or left side of the screen. Just select the message you want to reply and swipe to reply instantly. Previously you had to long hold and press the reply button to reply to a specific message.

4. Photo filters

The biggest change of all introduced by Whatsapp in the latest update is filters for your photos. Much like Snapchat, now you will be able to apply filters to your photos with fun and interactive artwork.

The new Whatsapp update is currently exclusive to iOS. The Android version will be released in the near future.