Watch: Here’s the first full trailer of Project Ghazi, Pakistan’s first super hero film

The trailer features mechs, drones, high speed chases, head to head combat and more

The biggest and badest Pakistani film (at least for us comic junkies) has just received its first theatrical trailer and it is beyond our expectations.

Project Ghazi is a bold new step for Pakistani cinema industry that has never before seen anything like super human soldiers, mechs, drones, high-speed chases and superhuman combat in a local language film.

After watching the first trailer, we are excited as hell to see the movie in the cinemas just because of the fact that a lot of us had craved something like this from our local production house for a very long time.

Project Ghazi Trailer – Pakistans First Super Hero Movie

Pakistan's First Super Hero Movie Trailer out! – Hitting Cinema July 14th, 2017! @Project Ghazi

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Going through the trailer, it doesn’t disappoint at all. The film seems to have everything comic book junkies or people who enjoy superhuman/super villain movies and will definitely be a joy ride.

The trailer starts off with Saira Shehroz investigating Ghazi soldiers who seem to have extraordinary blood samples.


She is then seen discussing this with Talat Hussain who is familiar with the Project Ghazi. He reveals that only a few soldiers were selected for the project and they were given superhuman powers like speed, strength and more.

The trailer then shifts to the two leading stars of the film Humayun Saeed and Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui who are seen fighting other super soldiers led by the villain Qataan.

Project Ghazi will release on 14th of July 2017!

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