This restaurant wants to be your second wife

In a country where for some food means everything in their life, the competition of restaurants is stiff. There are more and more restaurants opening in Pakistan and they’re opening rapidly.

The competition is getting a lot tougher which means every restaurant has to go way beyond than just serving food. Restaurants are trying their best to attract customers using clever marketing tactics.

Last year tons of themed restaurants opened in Pakistan which set a new trend of these themed restaurants and now the standards of marketing within a restaurant have also risen by a lot.


A newly opened desi restaurant in Karachi has a name that is sure to get your attention. It may even attract you to come and try their food simply because of its name.

The restaurant in question is ‘Second Wife’. Yes, whoever opened this small chai dhaba restaurant named it ‘Second Wife’.

Now we’re not sure if it’s a good idea to name a restaurant that way, but it sure has gotten the attention of people. Although a lot of them have mixed reactions over the name, people are still going out and trying it.

According to the people who have tried it, it is, in fact, serving pretty good food. So if you don’t mind the name, go out and try it and let others know how you found the taste in the comment section below!

The Second Wife is located at:

Malir Cantt Road, Model Colony Main Jinnah Avenue Near Omega Mall, Airport Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan