This Restaurant In Islamabad Has Parrots Among It’s Staff To Keep You Busy While You Wait For Food

Bahria Enclave in Islamabad is a pinnacle of luxury and beauty combined together to give you the ultimate destination to live. But what makes it even better are the various but unique facilities available within the area.

A restaurant in Bahria Enclave called the ‘Cafe Macaw’ is winning the hearts of Islamabadis by providing them a place to eat food they love and share it with live Macaw parrots.

Cafe Macaw has these gorgeous Australian Macaws which are a sight to love on its own. If you love parrots, you’ll love this place. Just be sure to be friendly with the birds and don’t forget to share your meal with them! The parrots are friendly and are trained to be hospitable with guests. When you book a table and sit down at one, a parrot or a few may come to greet you and even share a meal with you.


Cafe Macaw is located at Bahria Enclave Islamabad


More about Macaw Parrots

Macaws are long-tailed parrots that are often found in many different colors. They are also called new world parrots. Macaws are found normally in Central America, Mexico, South America and in the Carribean.

The Macaw has a large beak, long tail and light colored medial areas that distinguish them from the rest of the parrot species. The facial feather pattern on the parrot is considered to be unique to these parrots. These facial feather patterns are as unique as a fingerprint. These are unique birds with different subspecies. Although they are still found in the regions mentioned above, some of their subspecies have completely gone extinct, making them a rare bird.