Remember Omar Gilani’s Sci-Fi Pakistan? Well, He’s back with a new artwork series

Remember Omar Gillani’s Pakistan+ artwork that showed a Sci-Fi/Fantasy side of Pakistan? It was a dream come true for any sci-fi or star wars fan. His Pakistan+ series was so good to look at that his artwork went instantly viral all over Pakistan. He was later featured in many press releases from our neighbors.

Now Omar is back again with a brand new series of artwork which he is calling the Mughal+. According to him, the Mughal+ series is an ongoing series that is basically his take on Sci-Fi/Fantasy if it ever happened in South Asia. In his own words, Omar also believes that it is fancier and grittier than his previous Pakistan+ series.

The new series will allow him to explore various new themes, aesthetics, and processes.

More about Omar Gilani

Omar Gilani is an experimental artist who mixes sci-fi with the desi look of Pakistan. He has an MSC and an MPhil in Mech Design & Robotics and has worked as a Mechanical Engineer.

But art has always been more inspiring to him. Omar quit his career as a Mechanical Engineer and decided to pursue his passion which lies in creating art. He clients include The British Council. Patari, United Nations Education Foundation, Save The Children and much more.

To see more of his work, head over to his official Facebook profile or visit his website