These Pakistani themed buses are coming to London to celebrate Pakistan’s 70th Anniversary

A four-week publicity campaign will be launched in London by the Pakistan High Commission to promote tourism in Pakistan. The ‘Emerging Pakistan’ campaign aims to promote the cultural diversity of the country and is part of the upcoming celebrations that are planned for the 70th anniversary of Pakistan.

The campaign will use the iconic double-decker buses of London that have been adorned with different advertisements and campaigns for a very long time.

Under the ‘Emerging Pakistan’ campaign, the buses are adorned with the signature ‘Truck Art’of Pakistan that is well known throughout the world for being unique and diverse.

Along with the truck art, the buses will also show the vast beauty of the highest peaks in Pakistan as well as showcase its diverse culture with beautiful landscapes, rare fauna, architectural marvels and ancient civilization of Pakistan.

For the onlookers, the campaign will serve a purpose of showcasing Pakistan as a beautiful foreign land that remains largely unexplored by the world.

There will be countless buses in London that will carry this campaign with it. You’ll be able to see them in every part of London starting from the South to North and from West to the East.

The campaign which has already gone live in London was made possible by the Pakistan High Commission in London along with sponsorship from Bestway Cement.