Meet the Pakistani dancer who made it to Red Bull Beat It

Cyril James was amongst the 16 short listed finalists to compete in international dance competition in Malta

Cyril James, a dancer from the small neighborhood of Mehmoodabad made it to Red Bull Beat It, an international competition which invites dancers from around the world to compete against each other. James has made history for Pakistan by becoming the first ever dancer from the country to compete at such an event.

James has made history for Pakistan by becoming the first ever dancer from the country to compete at such an event.

l i t t l e t h i n g s – freestyle dance film | @iamcyriljames

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Cyril James started dancing when he was about 13 years old. He kept practicing in churches and parks and honed his skills to finally form a dance school known as the School of Urban Movement (SUM).

Deep inside his heart, he has always been waiting for the moment when he would compete in an international competition. His dream finally came true after about 9-10 years of practicing by becoming one of the competitors at the Red Bull Beat It. He competed against dancers from 16 countries like UK, Romania, USA, Serbia, Malta and more.

He may not have ended up acquiring the first position at the competition, but he has become an inspiration for all aspiring dancers in Pakistan.

stepped on the stage I dreamed of, and I lost.
Sorry for letting anyone down if I did. I will surely do better next time.
But hey, check this out.
I think coming all the way from Pakistan I actually won more stuff than the winner himself. (No offense, Mark! I love you, bruh!)
I seriously am so fully happy. I won a dance family would grows with me, friends who I’d do anything for (really), so much inspiration (FML), I made history, I learnt who I am and what I need to add to myself and what I need to subtract.
Even though my life is hard af these days, I live my dream.

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More about Red Bull Beat It

Beat It is a dance contest by Red Bull that invites dancers from across the world to have fun and demonstrate their creative skills in front of a huge crowd. The event’s judges shortlist 16 dancers from 50 competitors and after the finals, a champion is crowned.

Here are just some highlights from this year’s event.


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